SRPG Studio ~ シミュレーションRPG作成ソフト


Q. What is the software of the SRPG Studio like?

SRPG Studio is a software to create a game of type of SRPG.
By using the SRPG Studio, no need to remember complicated programming language or prepare loads of images and music.
Anyone can easily create the SRPG.

Q. Where can I download the SRPG Studio?

A. The SRPG Studio was released in the Steam. Please access the Steam and download the SRPG Studio.
You can see the news about the SRPG Studio in the Steam, so we recommend you to check it regularly.
Please watch the video for more details.
Access Steam

Q. Can I get useful materials for my game development?

A. Please access the Steam Workshop. In this site, there are original materials which other users created.
If you created your original materials, you can also share your materials in the Steam Workshop.
Access Steam Workshop

Q. I have questions while I was using the SRPG Studio. What can I do?

A. Please check if there are similar questions on the board of the Steam first.
If you cannot find them, you can ask your question. We also recommend you to access the guidelines page.
Acess Steam BBS
Acess Steam Guide

Q. Do you have a manual of the SRPG Studio?

A. Please check the released manual which was translated from the Japanese site into English by machine translation.
Acess SRPG Studio User Manual
Acess SRPG Studio Script Reference

Q. How can I contact the developer of the SRPG Studio?

A. Please contact us through the inquiry form.