SRPG Studio ~ シミュレーションRPG作成ソフト



1. ユーザーは、SRPG Studioを使用して年齢制限のあるゲームを開発できます。

2. ユーザーは、他作品の世界観や人物設定、マップの形状などを無断で丸々トレースする行為は、

3. ユーザーは、開発したゲームの公開時に、
SRPG Studioを使用したことを明記しなくても問題ありません。

4. ユーザーは、製品版で作成したプロジェクトファイルを、


1. ユーザーは、SRPG Studioに含まれる素材(画像、音楽、スクリプト)を
SRPG Studioで開発したゲームに対してのみ使用できます。

2. ユーザーは、SRPG Studioに含まれる素材(画像、音楽、スクリプト)を加工し、
SRPG Studioで開発したゲームに組み込むことができます。

3. ユーザーは、加工した素材(画像、音楽、スクリプト)を自分のHP、掲示板などで再配布できます。
ただし、その際にはSRPG Studioで作成したゲームのみに使用できることと、
SRPG Studioの利用規約に準じることの明記が必要になります。

4. ユーザーは、加工した素材(画像、音楽、スクリプト)の再配布時において、

5. ユーザーは、購入したSRPG Studioの有料素材を販売、再配布できません。
また、加工したSRPG Studioの有料素材を販売、再配布できません。


1. ユーザーは、SRPG Studioを使用したゲームの作製過程、操作解説などを、

2. ユーザーは、SRPG Studioで作成した自身のゲームについて、

English Version

About Game Development

1. The user can use the Software to develop a game with the age limit. The user, however, cannot use anything which may violate the rights of the corporations.

2. The user cannot act to trace or copy the other works entirely without permission in their stories, settings of characters, or configurations of the maps etc., which may cause problems for their works.

3. There is no problem if the user releases the game developed by the user without stating about use of the Software.

4. The user can release the project file which was created with the product version as a sample which is an example of creating the project. However, release for other purposes is prohibited. And release of the trial version of the project is also prohibited.

About Materials

1. The user can use entire materials (such as images, music, and scripts) which are included in the Software only for the games which were developed with the Software. Using them in other situations is prohibited. And selling those materials is also prohibited.

2. The user can process the image materials and script materials which are included in the Software and build them in the games which were developed by the Software. However, using them in other situations is prohibited. And selling the processed materials is also prohibited.

3. The user can redistribute these processed image materials or script materials in the user's website or the boards. However, the user should state that these materials can be used only for the games which were created with Software and also that the user complies with the terms of use of Software. *Terms of use is stated on this page. However, the user doesn't need to mention the URL in order to enter this page.

4. When the user redistributes the processed image materials or script materials, the user can add the terms for the materials' users. The contents of the terms which the user can add are about possibilities of stating the distributor or the contact if it's used, possibilities of use of materials for paid games, and possibilities of further processing of the processed materials or the secondary redistributions etc.

5. The user cannot sell or redistribute SRPG Studio paid materials that they purchased. And the user cannot sell or redistribute processed SRPG Studio paid materials.

About Video

1. The user can post in the video site or broadcast live about the process of creating the game by using the Software or the operating guide etc.

2. The user can give permission to the game players to post the play videos or to broadcast live about their own games created with Software.